Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hai Phong to Ninh Binh smooth and flat ride lovin it!

The boat from Cat ba to Hai Phong was direct on a speed boat that coast about $7 each with our bikes. Hai Phong is Vietnams 3rd largest city and its most important sea port. We only spent one night resting for the next day ride to Ninh Binh, a long 130km ride our longest single day ride to date. We didn't stray too far from the hotel but we did manage to find some great duck noodle soup and some welcoming cafes, nice city with a smaller feeling. Next morning before sun rise we are off and picked up some bun mi (french bread sandwich with pork liver pate, veggies, chili's and grilled meats) breakfast of choice for Vietnamese. The ride was long, hot and dusty but good news no hills, nice views of rice fields and best of all loads of rest stops with cold drinks. 

lovely duck soup with noodles only $1.25

no space for cars at this intersection 
fresh peeled pineapple $0.30 cents each 
enjoying a cup of sweet Vietnamese coffee

We rolled in Ninh Binh, just before night fall and found a cheap family run hotel for only $7. Ninh Binh is small town with lots of hotels but not many place to eat. We checked out the lovely village of Tam Coc about 10km from town to see the breath taking views of the limestone hills along the Ngo Dong river. 

we ate at this same place a total of 5 times while in Ninh Binh,  best deal in town
riding through rice patties on our way to Tam Coc

boats lined up to take tourist around the river
helping out the young girl that was our guide

Next we are taking a 13 hr train ride to Hue, the old imperial city of the Nguyen dynasty.