Wednesday, May 2, 2012

10 days in Jiangmen a typical Chinese city

Jiangmen city is located in Guangdong province, Its a small city for China but for Canadians the population is larger than the greater Toronto area. Its has no major tourist attractions so we didn't see too many foreigners the ones we did see were probably english teachers. I don't think we would have visited it if not for my brother having a place for us to stay. But we are glad we did because it really gave us chance to experience a typical chinese city without running around finding places to see we just explore around at our own pace. 

Jiangmen a modern city that keeps a lot of its old charm
old men fishing along the many rivers that go through the city

 this chinese muslim guy, made the best fresh noodles to date 
enjoying a fresh bowl of spicy noodles
 chinese muslims have moved from the remote parts of china to share their unique cuisines

testing out our new bikes