Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First week in Peru spent on the beach and checking out some ruins

After a crazy 15hr day we need a break and found the perfect spot to get the lay of the land in Peru. Huanchaco and we camped at the Naylamp for $4/pp and was a great place to relax, catch up on the blog and pretty much do nothing and the weather was perfect in my books, cloudy, cool breezy and dry. Huanchaco, is slow moving fishing and surf town, quite this time of year but the hostel was busy with tour groups, lucky we had set up our tent and spent most of the time inside watching movies and reading.

local fisherman still use straw boats (totora)
bring home the catch of the day
best ceviche to date in Huanchaco at el Penon

home for a week
Trujillo, is 15 minutes down the road and when we need any supplies we went to the Aventura Plaza that had everything. Trujillo is the capital of Libertad region, the city was a nice also very clean, a nice promenade of shops and restaurants. Unfortunately we went on a Sunday, and pretty much all the museums were closed but that was also a good thing because the streets were quite and easy to walk around.

We did manage to check out Chan Chan ruins of the Chimu people. They built the largest adobe walled cities in the world, its a constant battle for the workers to keep them from eroding. The workers keep packing new mud on top to protect them and when it rains they cover them up. It only cost $2 to enter and we got a 1 hour guided tour for $10 that explained the wall carvings, the palace rooms and how the Chimu got conquered by the Incas, well worth it. Next we will head to the capital city Lima.